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Biogivre inc.
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  • Dry Ice distribution and production
  • ICETECH & COLD JET Blasting Equipment Renting and Selling Services
  • Clean your equipment without damaging it
  • Effective cleaning with dry ice

Welcome at Biogivre

Biogivre is a dynamic company specialized in the manufacturing of the dry ice and cryogenic cleaning (cleaning with dry ice).

We have been in business for several years in the field of dry ice (dry ice production, dry ice cleaning, rental and sale).

Cryogenic cleaning


Cryogenic cleaning rests in fact on the principle of the projection of small pieces of carbonic ice (CO2 between -70 and -80 °C) against surface to be cleaned. The technique draws its effectiveness from three phenomena:

The cryogenic process of cleaning is employed in different branches of industry such as cleaning after disaster, industrial cleaning, agricultural cleaning, agroalimentary cleaning, to name some that some one.

Our products are certified and more durable, they will be able to make you save.

This kind of cleaning is completely GREEN. This technology was developed according to the highest European standards; the list of products which you can clean with it is endless. 

The most important result: Cryogenic cleaning allows to avoid or to reduce the stops of production considerably.


  1. A higher cleanliness: cycles of cleaning fewer = lower downtime
  2. The machines can be cleaned on the spot: the carbonic projection of ice is a dry process and does not require disassembling and of re-assembly, which results in quite lower durations of immobilization
  3. More speed: less resources = more execution time = more profits
  4. Not abrasive, not flamable : the carbonic projection of ice does not damage most supports can about it be used in full safety on electric components
  5. No secondary waste to eliminate: that not only makes it possible to avoid additional work and to save money, but that also means that the zones of provisional containment can be re-used, which still represents a reduction in the costs
  6. Gives access reduced spaces, contrary many other methods
  7. Ecological: satisfy the standards with the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EPA (Environmental Agency Protection)
  8. Security of the operator: no exposure to chemical substances or abrasive grains
  9. Effectiveness of the operator: does not require more work than the traditional methods of cleaning
  10. Sufficient clean for food industry, sufficiently powerful (1) for all the rest

(1) It is important to remember that the carbonic projection of ice does not use abrasion to clean.